Cloud attendance record for the masses. combines the best features with focus on smooth attendance record. Our platform can be fit with different ecosystem for school, university, office, factory and more.


1 million daily QR scanned throughout Malaysia


Institutions and organization that has been registered


This include students, teachers, officer and many others.


Guaranteed uptime gives peace of mind for the users.

Start with easy setup

All users loves as it is reliable and provides the simplest way to records attendance online. are used by many places including school, institution, organization and even government bodies as it can adopt to different requirements. is the best place to implement attendance record through cloud technology. It is free to use for anyone and you can start setup your own attendance record by following the simple steps.

Setup place

Each account can have multiple places which enable the user to fully utilize all the features while differentiate with attendance records on each places.

Create groups, sections, attendees

It is compulsory to classify the attendees by group within different types of sections as to ensure the attendance records are organized.

Generate attendees QR Code

Attendees QR Code is unique ID that can be generate instantly within the system.

Create datang reader account

Create reader account to record the attendance using mobile apps Datang Reader. Account can be generate based on needs with no limit.

Simply record attendance

Goodbye manual record attendance. Experience the seamless instant attendance records and get insight on realtime.

Scan QR or RFID

Simply record attendance by scanning unique QR or swipe RFID card of the attendees.

View realtime attendance record

Attendance data will be available thru the web-based system instantly.

Export attendance report

Attendance report are organized within the system and ready to be export anytime.

Fully customize features

Advanced customizations of attendance system that will fit on most of places or environment. We gives freedom for the users to manage on how to record their attendance.


Generate variety type of reports based on needs. Such as attendance report, percentage report, working hours and overall reports.


Customize form for guest or visitor records. This can also implement for specific rooms or outdoor venue. 

Events (coming soon)

Create events on specific time and place which the attendee list can be customized on certain type of groups.

Multi Time Session

Multi time session let you sort the time for active session within the attendee list.

SMS Notifications

Custom alert notifications on every attendance activities and blast informations thru SMS.

User Level Authorization

It is free to set user access level for multiple user managing attendance records and settings. 

Data Studio Integration

Data is ready to connect Google Data Studio for analysis and report. Up to real-time data analysis.

Variety Device Integration

Open-end device integration for user to explore. Start from Datang Reader apps to standalone devices.

Card Design

Create and design unique card for attendees. With added on attendee images and barcode integration.

Datang Reader mobile apps

110K+ app users

More readers accounts are being created till today.

Datang Reader mobile apps let you record attendance seamlessly. Our mobile apps available and support on most platform.